The BARS Program, is the nation’s only service that monitors employee carding practices. The BARS Program discourages underage purchases of alcohol and tobacco. This is a solution to retailer’s self-regulating.

The BARS Program is a private, non-governmental program that provides retailers with the benefits of self monitoring compliance checks. It has proven to change employee habits and awareness of requesting ID.

Here's how the program works:

  • The BARS Program will send a shopper (ages 21 to 25) unannounced to stores and do a compliance check.
  • The employee checked will be notified immediately with a "red" or "green" card and the owner will be notified by e-mail of a negative check.

We believe a pro-active business driven approach like The BARS Program will have a positive impact on reducing illegal sales to minors. It sends a strong message that retailers want to address this issue and are willing to finance a positive approach, rather than licensing and penalties.

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